Monday, 14 December 2009

The Bunnymen

Every now and again i attend a gig that makes the hairs on the back of my head tingle, tonight was such an occasion, I've seen Echo and the Bunnymen once before and they were dreadful! But tonight they were amazing! It was great to hear the old stuff, it brought back memory's of listening to there albums when i was younger... age is weird thing! It's also been great to listen to there new stuff, there most recent album is excellent.

I also enjoyed the support band 'Strangeways' which is rare as normally they can be awful! they had two lead singers and they were very good, I'm going to be looking out for them. I'm a recent convert to Spotify, an interesting way to check out new music before buying it! Even though I'm in to the new technology of Ipods and such things, i also download a lot of new music as well, but i still much prefer the 'real' thing, I like the artwork and the content of the inserts. There's something good about holding a CD! I also have to admit to liking vinyl as well, i try to find rare stuff, but i often find i don't know what I'm looking for! It seems the more i read Record Collector the more confused i get.

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