Thursday, 22 July 2010

YouTube - Crosby Beach - Dream Labyrinth

I have been thinking recently about what faith communities can do to interact with the world around them, in doing so i stumbled across something on Facebook that one of my friends is doing in Scarborough that got me thinking. She is a minister and created a sacred space on the beach for people to light lanterns to remember those who they have lost through illness and also to think about those who are ill.

Then after looking on the Fresh Expressions web site recently i found something on their about a fresh expression called 'dream' that does Guerilla worship - that is tuning up in public spaces and doing forms of worship, one of these guerilla worship events took place on Crosby beach where they created a labyrinth in the sand - YouTube - Crosby Beach - Dream Labyrinth

Since I am near the coast I'm wondering about doing something similar here, so if you have any thoughts or ideas, why not share them. I'm also looking for other creative ways to do things like this so if you have any ideas then post them on here, or put something on facebook

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