Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm not good at this!

So after saying that its been a while since i last posted... its happened again. I have every intention to blog and then it vanishes out of my head, its strange really since i seem to spend a lot of time looking at blogs and websites that are very interesting.

Anyway, lets get on to the real reason for blogging today. I had not really seen the point of using twitter as i thought it was enough to just use Facebook, but i decided to have a go... and i love it! I have found it really useful to keep up to speed with what folk are doing up and down the country in the whole fresh expressions thing and also what a few of my friends are doing in pioneering new communities in places where the Church has pulled out or has never been.

I have also been chatting to friends, who are doing some creative things to reach communities that are far from the walls of the Church; and as such i have been invigorated to think about what kind of faith community i want to belong to, and what kind of faith community i would like to create in Sunday@thepub the project that we are doing as part of my work.

It seems to me that in the communities we are developing and creating in the various pioneering initiatives that there needs to be a sense of openness and honesty that under pins the relationships. The problem we have is that this takes a lot of time and energy, and many folk don't have the capacity to spend time in the settings and spaces that would foster this openness and honesty. Alongside this we have the Church that also wants to see results now!

So what then does this mean? Well i think we need to persist and help the Church to see that we need to be in this for the long hall, i'm encouraged by some of the noises that are coming out of the corridors of power in the Methodist Church that they seem to be committed to this kind of work, i just hope this translates into the Circuits and the Churches around the country.

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