Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Present - Advent 1

Christmas Present - Mirror Mirror

Ordinary People - Ordinary Places - Extraordinary Story

So the long awaited Christmas Present project is live!  As part of this journey I will be posting a fresh blog each week of advent.   Each blog will show one of the pictures from the project which will also be the focus of services in local Methodist Churches for that week.

Details of where to view the pictures are on the attached flier. 

This week we focus on the expectant Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem. To help us reflect on this journey have a listen to this spoken word track Mirror Mirror and please leave your comments below.    

Spoken word track engineered by Tom Roberts
Words - Rob Wylie 
Printing and production of the images by trendy-art
Photos by Kat Timmins


  1. Thanks for this Rob. Like the mirror mirror spoken word idea. Interesting that when we look into a mirror we do see both our present image and the physical reminders of our past.

  2. Great!! Need to listen to it a few times to digest : )

  3. Rob - did you write the spoken word piece? Liked the rhythm and flow of it, particularly the first section and the ending. :-)

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  5. Ooops... I can't spell!!

    Anyway, cheers Nathan.

    Ian, yeh i wrote the words.