Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Present - Advent 3

This week we are reflecting on 'The Star' and once again I have created a spoken word track.  Before you listen to it though, you need to know a little about me. 

I left school with no qualifications and had very few prospects but I did get on to the YTS (youth training scheme) program. For those too young to know what that is, it was for school leavers to help them get into the world of work and I remember I got paid £27 a week in the first year and that went up to a massive £35 in the second year! Anyway as a result of this scheme I got into the gardening trade... so some of the references in the spoken word track are to do with that... So have a listen and see what you think, click here to hear it in a separate window. 

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Spoken word track engineered by Tom Roberts
Words - Rob Wylie 
Printing and production of the images by trendy-art
Photos by Kat Timmins   

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  1. very moving and challenging with no answers... thus setting me free to refelct further. Thank you. Susan